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1 February
Seminar on "The Future of the European Fisheries Sector, European Parliament, Brussels (BE)

2 February
Public Hearing on "Think different: new horizons for the maritime industries", European Parliament, Brussels (BE)

8 February
Meeting on cohesion organised by the CPMR Islands Commission, CoR Brussels (BE)

9 February
Meeting of the CPMR Political Bureau, CoR, Brussels (BE)

10 February
Seminar "European Solidarity as a driving force behind the development of Europe's territories - What are the challenges for EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020?" CoR, Brussels (BE)

13 February - 16 February
European Parliament Plenary Session", Brussels (BE)

14 February - 16 February
Plenary session 93rd plenary session of the Committee of the Regions, CoR, Brussels (BE)

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The Pact of Islands adopted by the European Parliament

Regions call for more cross-border cooperation

Local and Regional Leaders call for their active participation in the European Governance

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Maritime regions


2011 has gone, leaving behind a sense of bitterness from the biggest crisis Europe has faced over the last few decades. Our Regions are suffering the strongest crisis on public finances at the time when economic growth and innovation are most needed! The European Project has been under attack as a result of the Eurozone crisis, whereas a collective European approach is definitely what is needed to bring back trust and prosperity to Europe. Trust is what is missing and looking inward is what we should avoid doing! Regions are fundamental in building this trust to Europe’s citizens through social safety nets for individuals and recovery plans for businesses, partnership arrangements with a variety of multi-sectoral stakeholders and innovative ways of making use of their natural assets and natural resources...

Today, Europe needs more Europe! And more than ever, Europe needs its Regions. The ongoing discussions on the EU budget must take into account the solidarity principle which has been framing the European project since the Treaty of Rome back in 1957, not in terms of expenditure but in terms of investment!

For the CPMR, this principle is fundamental to build trust in Europe and help boost the economy. It has been at the core of the EU internal market and of EU territorial and cohesion policies, from production to services, from energy to the digital economy, from sustainability to efficiency.

On 10th February, following on from our Political Bureau, we are organising a Seminar at the Committee of the Regions on “European Solidarity as a driving force behind the development of Europe's territories. What are the challenges for EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020?” The Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszlo ANDOR, and Ministers from the Trio of the EU Presidency (Denmark, Poland and Cyprus), have already confirmed their presence for a debate that aims to bring the Institutions and the territories closer together for a more inclusive governance model.

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A European Strategy for the Atlantic

 atlantic coast

The CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission welcomes the European Commission’s adoption of the Communication “Developing a maritime strategy for the Atlantic Ocean area” on 21 November 2011.

This Communication follows the establishment of several European strategies at the level of a sea basin. The first European macro-regional regional strategy was developed for the Baltic Sea in 2009, followed in 2010 by the Strategy for the Danube. It is now the Atlantic’s turn to benefit from its own strategic approach.

However, this policy differs from previous approaches, since it is a strategy adopted under the Integrated Maritime Policy and not Regional Policy. It is following a request from the Council in June 2011, and after intense lobbying from the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission, that the European Commission has drawn up this Communication aiming to rationalise the use of various European policies and programmes at the level of the Atlantic region.

The Atlantic Strategy focuses on five areas of action:

1) Promote an ecosystem approach in the Atlantic basin;
2) Reduce the carbon footprint;
3) Use resources sustainably;
4) Address threats and emergencies;
5) Generate jobs and sustainable growth.

The underlying objectives aim to protect the environment and biodiversity of the Atlantic coast and to strengthen the key maritime sectors such as tourism, sailing, maritime research and innovation, offshore energies, eco-activities, shipping, fisheries, shipbuilding and port development.

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Next month will be a particularly busy one for CPMR, not only in terms of its political activities with regard to the current negotiations on the financial perspectives 2014-2020, but also in view of the number of seminars and public hearings planned.

First of all there is the seminar on 1st February, organised by CPMR in collaboration with Alain Cadec, Vice-President of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee, and the MAREMED project, on "The future of the European fisheries sector". Taking place at the European Parliament, this event will bring together MEPs, regional authorities and the European fishing industry to look at the new prospects for EU action in fisheries and aquaculture in relation to the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy after 2012.

The following day, still at the European Parliament, there is the public hearing, " Think different: new horizons for the maritime industries", which we are organising in conjunction with the Sea and Coastal Areas Intergroup, chaired by Corinne Lepage, and Pays de la Loire Region. This hearing will provide an opportunity to debate the innovative diversification of shipyards in Europe and ways to strengthen industrial competitiveness and European leadership in the maritime industries. These are of course topics which are of particular importance in the Europe 2020 Strategy and in the Integrated Maritime Policy, in particular "Blue Growth".

The Islands Commission, chaired by Ugo Cappellacci, President of the Region of Sardegna, is organising a conference which will take place at the Committee of the Regions on 8 February on: "How can the EU 2014-2020 Cohesion Policy integrate the EU's island dimension?" The conference will debate the relevance and effectiveness of ERDF and Cohesion Fund support to Regions with specific geographic features, and the way in which the island issue will be raised in the Council and in the European Parliament in view of the budget negotiations under way.

Then, on 9 February, the CPMR Political Bureau will meet for the first time in Brussels. A number of MEPs will take part in the discussions, including Constance Krehl, Member of the REGI Committee and Co-rapporteur on the "General Regulation on Regional Policy", Inés Ayala Sender, Member of the TRAN Committee and Co-Rapporteur sur "Connecting Europe Facility", and Alain Cadec, Vice-President of the Fisheries Commission. The European Commission will be represented by Nicholas Martyn, Deputy Director General, DG REGIO, Jean-Eric Paquet, Director, DG Move , and Slawomir Tokarski, Head of Unit, DG Mare. This meeting is also taking place at the Committee of the Regions.

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