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The issues

Being a European regional organisation whose members cover a large share of the maritime and peripheral areas of Europe, the CPMR feels particularly concerned by the EU proposed Energy Strategy for a number of reasons.

Firstly, island and coastal areas are likely to be severely affected by the direct or indirect consequences of climate change (be it through sea level rise, extreme weather conditions, the impact of drought or flooding, etc.). Maritime Regions are consequently strongly committed to supporting policies which are likely to mitigate its causes.

Secondly, because of their geographic position, peripheral and maritime regions consider that they have a huge potential in renewable energy which can be put to good use by the European Union to meet the goals of its Energy Strategy, while at the same time contributing to the prosperity of their industries and populations, and meeting the objectives of economic, social and territorial cohesion outlined in Article 174 of the Treaty.

Thirdly, as regional authorities, CPMR members consider that they can play an active role not only in fostering renewable energy, but also in lowering energy consumption and promoting a low carbon economy on their territory.  Within the confines of their respective political remits and financial means, regional authorities can strive to improve the performances of buildings, vehicles or public services by making use of tools such as local legislation, incentives or public procurement. They can lead information education campaigns directed towards their industries and populations. Last but not least, through their links with other regional authorities in third countries, they can also help to promote sustainable energy policies beyond the borders of the Union.

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