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" Not just an interest group but a think tank for Europe.  "

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Our main activities

The CPMR campaigns for strong territorial cohesion throughout the European continent.

It is working to promote a more balanced development of all Europe’s regions and to increase regional competitiveness.

Its action is focused on all policies with a high territorial impact such as transport, agriculture and rural development, research and innovation as well as employment and social inclusion.

At the same time the CPMR is working to enhance Europe’s maritime dimension, underlining the importance of an integrated maritime policy, greater regionalisation of the common fisheries policy and a maritime safety system designed to cope with increased shipping traffic on our oceans.

For the CPMR, sustainable development and the conservation of the environment and biodiversity are also priority issues. Its focuses in particular on energy policies and climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

In a globalised context, the CPMR is helping the Regions to position themselves in their immediate environment and on the international stage by championing the role of the Regions in development aid.

Finally, the CPMR is campaigning to increase the Regions’ involvement in defining and delivering all EU policies (Governance).

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