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" Not just an interest group but a think tank for Europe.  "

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  • Contacts:
  • Paul Ortega, Director, Basque Agency for Development Cooperation/Basque Government

    Camila de Epalza Azqueta, European Union Policy Officer, Basque Government Delegation to the European Union

    Development & External Cooperation Group: Maruxa Cardama, CPMR Consultant

    Neighbourhood: Patrick Anvroin, Director

    Claire Street, Policy Assistant


In accordance with its medium-term development plan adopted in Umeå in July 2004, the CPMR agreed that its priorities should include taking on board the global dimension. This is done in different policy areas in an ad hoc manner. However, it was felt that external cooperation activities led by the Regions needed to be looked at more specifically within a CPMR Inter-Commission working group. The task of this working group will be to provide input for the CPMR’s considerations in this area and to prepare the network’s policy positions.

The main areas addressed are:

Development policy and the role of the Regions. The aim is to gain recognition of the importance and unique added value of the Regions in this area. In order to do this, it is necessary to step up exchanges between member regions and pool good practices so that joint action may be taken wherever possible. It is also important to step up dialogue with the EU institutions and international financial backers. Finally, the aim is to promote a territorial approach to development and include regional actions in wider frameworks that include all the financial backers present within a territory. This should help to make their actions more effective and allow the territories concerned to appropriate them in accordance with the principles of the Paris Declaration (on aid effectiveness) and to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals. In this context, the group coordinates the CPMR’s participation in the “European Platform of Regional/Local Authorities for Development”, set up under the European Commission’s NSA-LA (Non-State Actors - Local Authorities) call for proposals.

Neighbourhood and wider neighbourhood policy in relation to EU cohesion policy and taking into account the specific characteristics linked to the Northern Dimenion, Eastern Partnership, Union for the Mediterranean and the Outermost Regions, etc.

The place of the Regions globalisation and the conditions for a new and more sustainable system of global governance that includes the regional tier.


This group shall also follow up any useful partnerships, particularly with other interregional organisations, and deal with CPMR events concerning external cooperations in relation with the EU institutions and, where necessary, international organisations (FAO, UNDP, WTO, etc.).

The group is made up of:
▪ Regions that have shown an interest in the issues developed and have indicated their desire to take part in the working group;
▪ Regions involved in global organisations of Regions;
▪ The Executive Secretaries of the CPMR’s Geographical Commissions;
▪ The Presidency and General Secretariat of the CPMR

The group is chaired by the Basque Government.

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